Jo Ballagh


Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, I grew up in my double-wide igloo fighting polar bears and taking my penguins for daily walks…at least that’s what most people think when I tell them I grew up in Alaska!

In reality, I grew up like most Idahoans: camping, hiking, fishing, and playing sports. When I discovered Idaho in 2010, I realized it was basically Alaska with 4 seasons; the people are amazing, the mountains are epic and there are plenty of sports to keep anyone busy. So in 2016, I started planning my move and by the end of 2019, I landed in Boise with my cat, Fred. I quickly built up a social network through softball teams, local Facebook hiking groups, and local Meetup real estate groups. The Treasure Valley instantly became home and I love sharing all she has to offer with visiting friends and relocating clients.

My love for real estate started sometime in the mid-2000s when I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I qualified to buy my first home in 2011, a little 2-bedroom townhouse with no HOA. Since then, I’ve purchased a 4-plex and 3 more single-family homes. Everything but the 4 plex had some level of remodeling done to it, from expanding a closet to completely demoing bathrooms to building my own kitchen island and countertops. I’ve never met a house that got to keep all of its interior walls and I can tell you this: Green Tape > Blue Tape! I believe real estate is one of the safest and most logical paths to financial freedom. I love talking to my clients about how to make sure their home is an investment and not a liability, avoiding being “house poor” or even planning short and long-term “exit strategies.”

The first two weeks of my new life in Idaho were spent in the Pre-License course required to become a licensed Real Estate Agent. During those two weeks, I remembered all of my own experiences during the home buying and selling process and realized that I had bad taste for Realtors. I had been abandoned during transactions, given bad advice, and generally not advocated for. I immediately made it my mission to DO BETTER.

Whether it’s your first home or 10th rental property, every home purchase is a major financial investment and time commitment. You deserve to have a Real Estate Agent who understands the process firsthand, knows how to negotiate the current market, and has the connections you need during and after your home search.

I pride myself on being that agent.

Lifestyle, Relationships, Community – Done Well.